KISSclip WebCam Cover

care enough to give them a KISSclip...mmmmwah!

KISSclip is the webcam cover that Keeps Internet 'Speyes' Shutout.

Currently shipping is only available in the US.
KISSclip webcamera cover attached...stylish, thin and durable.

KISSclips are customizable, hand-crafted accessories for your notebook computer or other mobile devices; they protect you and the people you care about from the unintended, accidental or malicious, 'sharing' of web camera feeds and photos. Simply fold the KISSclip, slip the clip over your web camera and slide it left or right to cover or uncover your webcam when you're ready to use it. Get your KISSclip.

Face-to-face meetings are losing traction to online meetings...ever shared your webcam when you only meant to share your screen? Now you can prevent it.

Maybe this never happened to you, but if you've ever had a laptop open where you were dressing your child, you may have exposed them to a RATter. KISSclips help to protect your children's privacy and safety.

Image by Javcon117*

When is the last time you left your webcam exposed and connected to the Internet? Even if your camera indicator light didn't come on, whatever you happened to be doing in front of the web camera, 'successful' hackers could see it all.

Beauty can go beyond the surface of one's skin...and webcam images can go way past the walls of your home, whether you know it or not...but it's preventable.

Image by Vox_eFX


This short film, "Webcam," was shot entirely with a web camera and is said to be based on actual events. The filmmakers hope it will encourage people to consider how everyday technology can effect all of us. It also demonstrates how high quality web camera video captures and feeds can be. Covering your webcam is one excellent thing you can do to protect your privacy and the privacy of your loved ones, but it's just the beginning.

KISSclips because webcam coverage doens't have to be boring.
Webcam protection? Check. Self-expression? Check. Customizable? Check.
Customizable...fold to specifically fit your mobile device.

KISSclips are available in a white gloss vinyl for minimalist and corporate types who prefer it. Or maybe you want to write notes on yours with a dry erase marker to let people know things like, "Do not disturb," "Stop war, not reading" or maybe you just want to share a big smiley face...then, white is your answer :D.

The cool thing is, KISSclips also come in a variety of other colors and patterns, while they last...from scary cats to kitties that say 'hello' and camo to colorful high heels. Have fun choosing the ones that express you!

Who says web camera protection has to be boring? You can even make your own KISSclips! If you do, we hope you'll come back and share your creation with the rest of us :D.

The thing that's important is that you protect yourself. Even though we think KISSclips are a great way to cover your web camera, there are a number of other, not always stylish or practical ways, to do so...check some out here...or just go ahead and skip the gummy band-aid and order your KISSclip today.

KISSclip + Virus Protection = Excellent 1, 2 Punch!

If anyone tries to lead you to believe that a web camera cover is enough protection against web camera hackers or that virus protection software alone is enough protection against RATters, they are both giving you poor advice. You can benefit greatly from them both.

Virus protection software and fire walls are your first line of defense against computer hackers. The KISSclip is a secondary line of defense. If someone hacks your computer and gains access to your web camera, at least your personal visual privacy is protected. But be advised, if you suspect that your computer has been hacked, the hacker may want access to more than just your webcam and your best bet is to turn your device off, if possible, and stay disconnected from the Internet until a reputable computer tech can make sure your computer is free of hacker invasions. 

Why KISSclip?

  • It Keeps Internet 'Speyes' Shutout
  • It helps to protect your privacy
  • It clips to your mobile device so no adhesive is required
  • The size is customizable
  • It comes in all sorts of fun colors and patterns
  • You don't have to worry about it falling off easily when you close your notebook
  • You can close your computer with it still in place
  • It's easier to keep up with because it can stay attached to your mobile device until you're ready to easily detach it
  • The white vinyl KISSclip makes a great mini-dry erase board
  • KISSclips are a great accessory for your Apple notebook computer, ipad or pc laptop or tablet
Here's what KISSclip web camera covers look like from the top of your mobile device.
KISSclip - a view from the top
Here's what KISSclip web camera covers look like from the back.
KISSclip - a view from the back
Notebook, Tablet, Macbook, and ipad Web Camera Cover & Accessory - Gloss White
KISSclip - Gloss White; Webcam Cover & Mini Dry Erase Board

Our apologies, currently, shipping for KISSclip is only available in the US.

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